KA JV Capabilities Statement

General Contractors

Kingstruction-Advon has extensive experience with government contracts and can handle a wide range of projects such as commercial, institutional, industrial, heavy and civil engineering, marine construction, educational, athletic, research, aerospace, and healthcare facilities. Our construction team is skilled, experienced, and committed to delivering projects on time, on budget, and with zero incidents.

Cost Control Management

With decades of project planning and management experience, Kingstruction-Advon is the ideal choice for cost control management.  We carefully control project expenses by sourcing materials, labor, and tools economically, while expert estimators and real-time monitoring reduce the risk of encountering unexpected added costs. Our dedication to sharing industry expertise helps clients achieve real goals while staying on budget, on schedule, and receiving the highest quality standard of work. 

Schedule management

Schedule management is the process of planning and organizing a construction project to ensure it is completed on time.  Kingstruction-Advon embraces modern technological tools for efficient construction project management, such as dynamic project coordination and organization, realistic timeline scheduling, effective quality control management, and smart cost control management. We can offer a comprehensive solution for any construction project, no matter the size or scope.

Quality Control Management

Quality control management is the process of ensuring that a construction project meets the necessary standards of quality at every level. Kingstruction-Advon is committed to upholding and defining quality standards throughout a project to ensure maximum performance and functionality. Our project managers work tirelessly to identify weaknesses and faults in advance to avoid costly issues or project delays.

Building Repairs & Renovations

We provide expert building repairs and renovations services as a certified, expertly trained team with an excellent safety record. As such, Kingstruction-Advon is committed to exceeding expectations while delivering projects on time, on budget, and with zero incidents.  

Structural Self-Performance

By choosing Kingstruction-Advon, clients can benefit from Structural Self-Performance, which ensures greater control over project outcomes, quality, and safety, while avoiding the potential delays and added costs associated with outsourcing to subcontractors. Our team is equipped and prepared to manage any construction project with optimal results and zero incidents.

LEED AP Certified

By achieving LEED AP certification, Kingstruction-Advon has demonstrated our professional commitment to sustainability and our ability to apply green building concepts effectively in our work. Kingstruction-Advon is widely sought after in the construction industry as we become increasingly instrumental in helping organizations achieve sustainable goals.

Design-Build Capabilities

By providing strong project management capabilities, Kingstruction-Advon makes it much easier for our clients to stay within their target budget and schedule. Our fully integrated design-build capabilities are perfectly suited for projects of all sizes, and our extended network of collaborative partnerships enables us to apply extensive abilities to a range of unique projects.

Design-Bid-Build Capabilities

Kingstruction-Advon understands the need and convenience of the design-bid-build, best value, and design-build methods, and strives to be one of the most efficient companies in the industry.   The design-bid-build method is a favorite among both construction professionals and clients for its efficiency, and we are seasoned professionals in design-bid-build project delivery.

Best Value Capabilities

Kingstruction-Advon optimizes value for our customer’s investment(s).  Our  team of construction professionals is fully certified, expertly trained, and equipped to handle all design and construction. We also have a structural self-performance structure which guarantees prompt access to quality workmanship, reduced costs, and increased safety. Our dedication to safety, premium workmanship, and efficient project management make us a top choice for best value capabilities.

OSHA Safety Certifications

Working with an OSHA Safety Certified construction company is essential for ensuring workplace safety and avoiding workplace accidents. Reduced workplace accidents lead to savings for both companies and taxpayers. Compliance with OSHA construction safety training is necessary to maintain workplace safety and health, and to avoid penalties for non-compliance.  Kingstruction-Advon holds all proper OSHA certifications resulting in cost savings, safety benefits, and increased efficiency

USACE CQM Certified

Kingstruction-Advon prioritizes providing excellent service to our clients, and obtaining USACE CQM, LEED AP, and OSHA Safety certifications help us achieve these goal. It provides our clients with the assurance that we have the necessary training and knowledge to complete their projects with professionalism and expertise.

Heavy Civil-Sitework Construction

Kingstruction-Advon has extensive expertise in construction projects ranging from commercial, institutional, industrial, heavy and civil engineering, marine construction, educational, athletic, research and more. This means that no matter the scope or complexity of your project, we have the experience and expertise to ensure its successful completion.

Industrial Construction

Industrial construction involves a combination of engineering and architectural expertise to design and build spaces that are functional, efficient, and safe for workers and equipment. In addition to constructing new facilities, industrial construction may also involve the renovation or expansion of existing facilities.  Kingstruction-Advon’s commitment to delivering the best outcome for clients, based on a collaborative approach, makes us the ideal partner for any industrial construction project.

Institutional Construction

Institutional construction is the construction of public buildings, such as hospitals, schools, and recreational centers. These buildings are designed and constructed to fulfill a specific purpose related to healthcare, education, recreation, or public works.  Kingstruction-Advon has valuable expertise in modern building design and construction, making us the ideal choice as your institutional construction partner.

Marine Construction

Marine construction involves building structures such as ports, harbors, jetties, and bridges in or around bodies of water. As such, it requires specialized knowledge and experience, as well as a fleet of appropriate marine equipment.  With years of experience in commercial, institutional, industrial, heavy, and civil engineering, as well as marine construction, Kingstruction-Advon  brings a team of experienced personnel and large fleet of specialized marine equipment that allows us to handle any marine construction project with ease.

Primary NAICS Codes

Kingstruction-Advon can construct industrial buildings for various purposes such as manufacturing, storage, distribution, and research. These projects involve the planning, designing, and building of structures that cater to the specific needs of the industry they will serve. Our construction process may involve the installation of complex machinery, heavy equipment, and specialized features, such as temperature-controlled environments, necessary for industrial operations.

Kingstruction Advon can construct buildings utilized for commercial and institutional purposes. Commercial structures include businesses, stores, and shopping centers, while institutional buildings may include schools, hospitals, government buildings, and places of worship. These projects require a deep understanding of the needs of the public they will serve and are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and sustainable.

Kingstruction-Advon can construct infrastructure projects.  The engineering and construction process involved in these projects include specialized equipment and machinery that require skilled professionals to operate. We work closely with government agencies, industrial companies, and other stakeholders to ensure that these projects are safe, sustainable, and completed on time and within budget.

237110 Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction

237310 Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction

561210 Facility Support Services

624230 Emergency and Other Relief Services

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